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Rebecca Atwood's Designer Fabric Shades

The fun of fabric shades is, of course, the fabric. The fabric allows us to play with color and texture and pattern all at once in ways that can anchor and showcase design throughout a home. So, when it comes to choosing the best fabric shades you naturally need to start by choosing the best fabrics. In the Hunter Douglas Design Studio® suite of products is the Rebecca Atwood fabric collection. Atwood is a renowned textile artist out of New York known best for her use of color and pattern in interior design, and her unique watercolor and hand-stamping techniques make her fabrics unlike other generic prints on the market. Atwood designer fabrics have movement and life and are both modern and timeless thanks to Atwood’s keen use of traditional motifs combined with contemporary techniques. The Atwood Design Studio® Collection includes 8 exclusive prints available in a range of color palettes.

Design Studio® Roman Shades Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM) designer fabric shades from Rebecca Atwood.

Atwood Fabrics

  1. Tree of Life: A beautiful botanical print inspired by fruit trees in Portugal. The design brings an organic motif to fabric shades that feels like an orchard in springtime.
  2. Garden Stripe: Playing with traditional striped patterns on fabric shades, Atwood uses watercolor techniques to soften the lines and add a sense of movement to the fabric making the design feel alive.
  3. Floral Stamp: Inspired by “petals scattered along the sidewalk in the spring," according to Atwood, this soft print is a wonderful example of modern floral prints for fabric shades that are inspired by flowers in new and interesting ways.
  4. Dotted Leaf: An abstract pattern based on organic life, Dotted Leaf employs intricate dot and line work that, like a Monet painting, has incredible and incredibly different artistic styles whether the fabric shades are viewed up close or from a distance.
  5. Dotted Stripe: Vertical striping on fabric shades adds height to a room and lengthens the feel of the window. Dotted Stripe uses contrasting color stripes, a hand-painted technique, and dot work to add movement and detailing to the stripes.
  6. Diamond Geo: The balance and texture and shape in Diamond Geo highlights how smartly used design elements can strengthen each other in fabric shades. For example, the repeating diamond shape is kept from feeling repetitive or stiff by the brush technique that was used which produces textured color with natural high and low lights.
  7. Field: Imagine a field of tall, summer grass gently rolling as an afternoon breeze brushes through the stalks. That movement, that dynamic of a million unique elements unified in motion is what Atwood captures in Field, and its patterning makes a great backdrop that is neutral yet still intriguing.
  8. Ornament: Perhaps the most traditional inspiration in the Atwood collection for fabric shades is seen in Ornament that plays with the well-known damask pattern. Atwood’s modern take has a linear interpretation that uses varying line widths to add movement and interest to the repeating pattern.

Fabric shades in the Hunter Douglas Design Studio® collection that are available in the Atwood fabric collection include Design Studio® Roman Shades, Design Studio® Drapery, Design Studio® Side Panels, and Design Studio® Roller Shades.

With choices in both window treatment style and designer fabric from the Atwood Design Studio® Collection, fabric shades can be customized to suit any window or door in your home or style of décor you like. And the team of helpful and friendly fabric shade experts at Custom Window Coverings are here to help you design and install hassle-free. Custom Window Coverings is located near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and serves north-central New Mexico including Los Alamos, Albuquerque, White Rock, Taos, Tesuque, Placitas, Corrales, Sandia Park, and Santa Fe, NM. Request a consultation or stop by the showroom today.