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More Than Just Sliding Door Blinds

We all know that windows can be a weak point in both the energy efficiency and privacy of a home. Their exposed glass panes make an easy conduit for energy to leave or enter a home, decreasing the home’s overall energy efficiency, and they allow prying eyes to look in. This is why it’s important to have high-quality, task-appropriate window treatments in your home, to better control light and energy and create a comfortable and secure home environment. Sliding glass doors are the same as windows in that respect; their exposed glass panes need a covering to operate optimally. However, because sliding glass doors function by opening left to right, as opposed to up and down like conventional windows, treatments for doors need an adaptive vertical system to match. Happily, with today’s innovative operating systems and designs from Hunter Douglas, there are several choices for door covers that are both functional and fashionable including sliding door blinds, gliding window panels, and sheer shades.

Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM) sliding door blinds and innovative vertical treatments.

Sliding Door Blinds and Shades

Sliding door blinds like Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds from Hunter Douglas are ideal for sliding glass doors or patio doors because they have an applicable vertical operating system. Additionally, they’re style-forward compared to traditional vertical blinds making them more suitable for new décor styles popular in modern interior design. The vertical operating system for Cadence® sliding door blinds makes using them in tandem with the door easy, and they are also designed to work smoothly over broad or extra-large windows (unlike some horizontal treatments that become too heavy to easily maneuver in larger sizes). Aesthetically Cadence® sliding door blinds combine the feel of traditional vertical blinds with the richness of drapery, and selections for fabric from the Hunter Douglas collection allow for personalization of each window or door treatment.

Gliding Window Panels

A new take on vertical window treatments for doors, gliding panels use fabric wrapped panes instead of individual hanging vanes like on sliding door blinds. The unique construction bestows a unique aesthetic that has a dominant fabric front, ideal for pattern and print play or left in a solid hue the different choices in opacity create a range of different aesthetic looks and light-control variants. Hunter Douglas’s Skyline® Guiding Window Panels come in over 600 color options for the ultimate customization choices.

Sheer Blinds

Sheer is a beautiful fabric to use in window and door treatments because the translucent material creates soft illumination while the fabric’s flow gives the treatment a delicate overall aesthetic. The features, however, of a sheer shade are far less ethereal than its look may lead you to believe because sheer fabrics have been engineered to provide both decorative and protective benefits. Sheer material blocks harmful UV rays and the view while at the same time allowing natural illumination so interior spaces have both the open feel of the outdoors thanks to the natural sunlight and the protective feel of a well-guarded home. Luminette® Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas combines the innovative and elegant feel of sheer shades and the operational design of sliding door blinds for a one-of-a-kind vertical treatment that works for many styles of exterior patio and deck doors.

So, if you have sliding glass doors for your patio or deck and you’re looking for vertical window treatments that can work with your exterior doors, contact Custom Window Coverings. Their knowledgeable team of window treatments experts can help you find the right style of vertical treatment for your home from their wide selection of sliding door blinds, gliding window panels, and sheer blinds. Request a consultation to speak with a designer over the phone or come in person to the showroom located near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Custom Window Coverings serves the areas of Los Alamos, Albuquerque, White Rock, Taos, Tesuque, Placitas, Corrales, Sandia Park, and Santa Fe, NM.